Don’t give in to fear…don’t give in to hardships…keep chasing your dreams!

Dreams are often long shot goals we aspire to accomplish but often fall short because it seems to hard.  We should never give in to fear or allow hardships to stand in the way  of chasing our dreams.  Les Brown, one of the greatest motivational speakers of our time, often tells the story of all the hardships of his life (never knowing his birth parents, afraid of crowds, homeless, being fired) and how he overcame everything because he had a dream and vision for his life.

I have a good friend who once said whenever she sees quotes or articles about dreamers, she immediately thinks of me.  It took me some time to truly grasp what she was saying but now I get it!  I am a dreamer and have big dreams (to include being a great writer one day very soon).  I think about my dream everyday and make active moves to accomplish it.  I will not be defeated or deterred.

Most of us have dreams but we will never pursue them because we are too afraid of failure and what others may think of us.  Failure is a good thing as long as you keep trying.  The only difference between the most successful people and everyone else is successful people are not afraid to take risk or fail.  If we want to fulfill our dreams we must ignore fear and self-doubt, embrace failure, and above all keep running toward our dream!

See Les Brown speech…one of the most inspirational speeches to date:

Keep Chasing your Dream…

C.J. Guy



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