Ideas are empty without the work, get up and get moving!


I woke up early this morning with my dream (to change the world) on my mind and decided to drive to Federal Hill for clarity.  While I was there I got a text from a friend who was attending a conference and needed my help with a homework assignment (pitch to a friend) from her conference organizers.  Today’s post will be quick as I’m off to help said friend pursue her passion, which in turn helps me with my dream (Law of Attraction).  I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk’s top 10 rules for success while meditating on my idea and was impressed with his insights.  More to the point,  I was drawn to how closely those rules related to my own journey.

My favorite rules from Gary Vaynerchuk’s top 10 rules for success and how they apply to my life:

4. Execute your ideas-  I have been a dreamer most of my life with little to show for it.  That changed on December 31, 2016 when I went from making meaningless New Year’s resolutions and vision boards to executing my 2017 Action Plan.  While I continue to be huge dreamer….at some point I began to realize that I needed to go to the execution phase otherwise my dreams would never be known.  3amcreatives is a constant work in progress as I discover the ups and downs of starting a movement; while learning how to lead a movement in the new age of social media.  It’s kind of like building and designing a new plane while in-flight.  Its hard work and I have made mistakes but I’m loving every minute of it.

5. Don’t overlook storytelling-  Our personal stories are an insight into who we are and can be a powerful influence on those around us.  My life changed and I had my “ah-ha” moment in 2015 when I was no longer inspired in my professional life and I came across “The Storytellers Secret”.  Written by Carmine Gallo, the book describes the power of story and how it directly aligns to your passions.  The book was so powerful and influential to me that the first thing I do with every new start-up, company, and influence leader is research their personal story.  While Xs and Os are important for investment projections, personal stories inspire the kind of change that shakes industries.  The book is in constant use in my life as I pursue my passion to change the world through my personal story.

7. Stick to your DNA-  Be yourself.  No further explanation needed.

How do these rules apply to your life? Are you executing your dream or just dreaming?

Okay, so this post was longer than I intended but my enthusiasm got the best of me.  I hope you find this post useful and it inspires you to action today!

4 thoughts on “It’s Sunday morning…and I’m working on my passion…what are you doing?

  1. Great post! These rules are awesome, and I love the way you applied them to your own life to exemplify living them out. Also, love the name “3AM Creatives.” Keep killin’ it, your passion is super apparent through your writing.


  2. Awesome post!
    Thx so much for sharing!
    Tons of takeaways here!!!

    What resonated most for me…be yourself, execute your ideas, make no excuses and work hard, be consistent yet ok with making changes as you go, expect the unexpected, be resilient in the heat of a crisis, truly care for your customers, share your story, connect with people on a heart level, and focus on only what really matters at the end of the day…

    These rules could be applied to so many aspects of life outside of entrepreneurialship…

    Thx again for sharing….great post!!
    Keep going for your dreams….


    • Dr D,

      Thanks for your kind words and I’m glad this post resonated with you. I work everyday to improve this product in the hopes it will inspire greatness in others. I will keep chasing my dreams and hope that you do as well…welcome to 3amcreatives!


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