Commit to Discovering Your Passion

There are 1440 minutes in a day…how much is dedicated to discovering and chasing your passion?


I used to go to my 9-5 every day and come home and watch TV until I fell asleep (with normal breaks in the pattern for holidays, celebrations, and vacations).  Like most people, my life revolved around this depressing cycle that I thought was life.  You will notice I said 9-5 and not work…there’s a reason for that but I will get to that later.  I considered myself successful in my career because I had a steady high paying position.  I could take vacations and I had disposable income but deep down I was not happy.  While I had dreams and aspirations for a different life; the comfort of my career and home life would often distract me from pursuing my passion.

I was comfortable in my success but not happy.  I was not happy because I wanted to do more with my life.  Scratch that last statement, I didn’t want to do more, I had an urge deep down in my soul to break free and live a different life.  The confines of what was once a comfortable life were beginning to strangle me because it was at odds with my true passion/purpose in life.  I was merely existing in my career but deep down I wanted to speak my truth…my own authentic truth to the world.  When you are at odds with your true purpose in life, the universe has a way of placing things in your path to show you that you are not where you should be.

My “Ah ha” moment changed everything! 

One day the head of my company decided to change the entire organization and revamp our department.  When he came to announce the changes he informed us that as part of the process; they would conduct rehiring inside the department by reviewing our resumes.  The intent of upper management was to completely change our organization’s culture in an effort to improve production.  During the process many good people lost their jobs but the company never missed a beat, never took stock into what it was doing to the lives of people dedicated to its success.  It was during this process I realized that as the company was expanding and changing its culture…at no point did management ask any of us to stay.  They just assumed we wanted to stay…they forgot to treat people like people.  We had dedicated our professional lives to ensuring the success of the company and it was willing to cut us without forethought to consequences.

Two weeks after this incident I was sitting in my car dreading the long walk inside the office building when I glanced over my shoulder to the back seat.  I saw a book on CD I purchased weeks earlier but forgot to take out of the car.  I opened the box and placed the CD inside the player.  Once the words began I was completely silenced and deep in thought for the next hour…and I was very late for work!

I had what many would describe as my “Ah ha” moment.  My whole adult life I felt as if I had been waiting on something to happen in order for me to live the life I wanted.  On  that day a spark ignited as I listened to “The Storyteller’s Secret”.  It was as if an explosion of self-awareness went off inside me and I was truly aware of my unhappiness.  More to the point, I was aware of my lack of passion for my job and life.  I decided to pursue my passion from that day forward and to pursue it with reckless abandon.

Since that day my mindset has changed about working.  I view my 9-5 as means to an end.  My work…the thing I actually dedicate most of my time to doing…is chasing my passion.  Starting and writing for this blog is a major part of my passion as I work on my first book.  It is my intent to help others live the life they truly want to live.  I have dedicated my life to this mission as my purpose on this earth.  I jealously guard my time to ensure adequate time to chase my passion/purpose, viewing any distraction as unworthy of my time or energy.

My comfort in life was shaken to its core and it was the best thing that ever happened to me because it led me to tap into my passion.  While I still go to my 9-5, I truly go to work after I get off.  Instead spending all my energy on my 9-5, all my energy goes into my passion.  Every free minute is spent on my passion and making my dream life come true.  I have broken from the confines of comfort and chase my passion everyday.

I challenge…no…I implore you.. to get up and chase your passion.  We only get one shot at life…don’t waste it living a mediocre existence.  There are 1440 minutes in a day and I understand people have jobs, kids, spouses etc…but there are minutes in the day to be alone and find our passion.  Use those minutes (even if it’s at 3am) to find what it is you truly want to do in this life and go for it!





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