Born Invincible…

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us”

-Marianne Williamson

I was born invincible and for a purpose, therefore I have a rendezvous with destiny. This is one of the first things I tell myself everyday before I leave the bed. It is the thought that premediates my day as I interact with the world. It’s my mental attitude for everything I do in life. It gives me courage. It sparks my creativity. It gives me the sheer confidence of my ability to conquer the world. It is the bridge between finding my purpose, creating something from scratch, and the journey to its inevitable successful completion. Having this kind of attitude is what separates winners from everyone else. Born invincible means you understand you have within yourself, the creativity and inner strength necessary to be great and fulfill your purpose in life.

I was born invincible and so were you. When I tell people they were born invincible it does not mean they are physically indestructible. Far from it, we are human beings and prone to the effects of the environment around us. Invincible in this sense means to be incapable of being conquered, defeated, subdued. It means you are mentally tough and not easily defeated. Imagine having this kind of attitude with everything you do. What would you do if you had this kind of attitude, what would you accomplish with your life?

I was born invincible and so were you. We are born with all the courage, hope, and strength we will ever need we simply must bring it out. To tap into one’s inner strength, you must go through struggle. Our strength is made more powerful with every trial and struggle we go through. Look at inner strength as a muscle that must be exercised to be strengthened. Inner strength gives us the courage to jump into new situations and take on the unknown. If you understand that inner strength comes from struggle and only gets stronger with every trial; you will know with every defeat, rejection, failure, or loss you are winning.

I was born invincible and so were you. Understanding what born invincible means will shift one’s mindset into a winning audacity versus a losing mentality. You have the power within you to imagine and create something that will change the world. Think about it…how are you reading this blog? How did man get to the moon? How did you travel to you last vacation? How do you get to work? What happens when it gets dark in your house at night? What are you binge watching? Where did that mocha frappe come from? All these things I mentioned are easily understood and easily answered. We rarely put much thought into the world around us but if we think about it; every modern convenience is a result of someone’s imagination and creativity. Human beings are responsible for the current world through the power of our imagination. We all have it within ourselves to create something that will change the world.

Once you realize you were born invincible, that undeniable spirit of victory and strength, you will realize you that you too have a rendezvous with destiny. What are you waiting for?

C.J. Guy #3amcreatives

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