The Spark that changed my life…

Good Morning Creatives!

Just wanted to drop a quick note this morning and talk about the spark that changed  saved my life.  Well to be honest there were multiple sparks, but the biggest one happened while I was reading “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.  The book was recommended by a dear friend of Yasmin Francis, who runs a very successful startup, Total Wellness TX, who was also inspired by the book.  Knowing my passion for creativity and inspiring greatness in others she recommended I read the book.  Reading that book sparked a earth shattering change in my life!

Recommend is not the right word, she urged me to read it as a matter of life and death.  Thankfully I followed her advice and it DID change save my life.  I read the book at a time in my life (2016) when I was stuck in a 9-5 job that treated employees like dirt, killed creativity and innovation, and never valued them.  At that time I was hungry for change, had a deep inner urge to speak my truth, and something deep inside me was telling me my life was being wasted. While I knew something was amiss, I had no idea what or how to address what I was feeling.  Thankfully Yasmin had just read the book, understood my dilemma, and knew it would help me.  Once I read the book, my life instantly changed over night, no kidding, I read the book in one night!  When I went to work the next day, I was still stuck in the 9-5 I hated, but mentally I escaped all that was around me and my life transitioned for the better.  I was alive!

After reading “The Alchemist”, 3AM Creatives was born, as I understood instantly why I was always up at 3am restless and more importantly why I was put on this earth.  Reading that book is one of the reasons I push others to stop being afraid of life and have the courage to follow their heart.  The book truly set me free and is the reason I’m speaking with you today on this blog.

I highly encourage the bravest among you to read this book today.  Don’t waste another weekend going to happy hours and binge watching on Netflix (although I love Netflix too).  While I will not tell you what the book is about, part of the magic of this book is to actually read it, I will tell you if you have that “something is missing” feeling…this book will set you free.  Fair warning, once you read it, your life will never be the same, you will see things very differently, you may even lose friends/family along the way.  You will understand that living a life without purpose, is living a wasted life.  After reading this book, you will be alive!

Although I have said it a million times, thanks Yasmin for saving my life!

C.J. Guy @3amcreatives


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