You only have one lifetime to make a difference…make it count!

So many of us spend our entire lives in jobs we hate, in relationships with people we don’t like, and waste valuable years making excuses for not going for our dreams.  Yesterday I spent 5 minutes talking to a friend who was making excuses about why his life sucked.  In the past I would normally entertain his mood but I can no longer help people feel sorry for themselves or make excuses for lack of success.  I told my friend he was wasting his life and he will end up regretting wasting the best years of his life.  No matter what I said, he could not shift his focus on current problems to a long-term solution of finding what he is passionate about.  He can only see the present.

Perspective is everything:

Most people will never reach their goals because they view the journey as too hard or out of reach of their abilities. People who make excuses about the journey see things as they are and never as they could be. They will always be stuck in the comfort of their current circumstances, crippled by the lost opportunities of their past, and have lost the will to dare dream of a better future. Their perspective of the impossibility to overcome challenges kills their will to drive through challenges for the greater goal. The negative perspective defeats them before they even begin.

When we start our ascent to the top the journey always appears daunting; however, once we reach the top our perspective changes. Once we complete our journey to the top we see the world very differently and what was once daunting becomes our right of passage for success. When pursuing goals and greatness outside our comfort zone we must always keep our perspective clear. Our journey will be challenging and there will always be tough times and obstacles on the climb to the top. However, if we understand a positive perspective effects our overall will to succeed, we are more likely to succeed if we accept challenges as rights of passage vs obstacles.

A positive perspective will help you reach the top, a negative perspective will keep you at the bottom looking up.

C.J. Guy #3amcreatives #1635

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