…lead you to victory.  If you are driven nothing will stop you from reaching your dream.  In fact, defeat will fuel your desire to win and prove everyone wrong…including yourself.  This great Gatorade commercial in this week’s blog speaks truth to power  about the benefits of defeat.  As an added bonus;  it features my favorite NFL quarterback (Matt Ryan) from the greatest team ever…Atlanta Falcons! 🙂

Defeat is the secret to victory but only if you are driven.  When you are going through trials and tribulations on your way to greatness you will discover that motivation is not enough…you must be driven.  Drive will make you try harder and make you more determined to win.  Drive is the willingness to keep getting back up when you are knocked  down; run harder when you lose a race; reinvent when your entrepreneurial efforts fail to sale; write better when a publisher rejects you; sing harder when you miss a record deal…that’s how you make defeat work to your advantage!  There is power in defeat and once you understand that you will be unstoppable!  Through the sheer audacity of your drive, you will embrace any defeat and propel yourself to victory.

-C.J. Guy

#3amcreatives #Gatorade #makedefeatyourfuel #mattyice #Falcons

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