The Law of Attraction only works if you do. -Gary Vaynerchuk

The Law of Attraction starts to happen when you believe but you must put in the work too.  This is a simple concept to understand.  Once you put in work and truly believe in your goal everything will change.  The key is putting in the hard work and dedicating yourself to your craft.  Your hard work and hustle will determine how close you get to your dream…believing in it is the fuel necessary to keep you going.

If you truly want the universe to work for you, be driven to work on your dream no matter what, and ignore the background noise (i.e. other people’s opinions).  Don’t allow the noise of others to take you off your path…put in the work.  They will not understand your newfound passion and that is no longer your problem.  You were put here on this earth for a purpose and if you are lucky enough to find that purpose…you owe the universe the gift of your talents.

The more you work and believe…the closer to your dream you come.  The things I teach in the blog are not some obscure theories or feel good sayings, I see it working for me right now as I build this platform to something bigger than myself.  It truly works!  My goal is for you to witness my journey, so that you understand that if you are driven, you too can make your dreams come true if you only take a leap of faith…

-C.J. Guy








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