I just started listening to Shonda Rhimes (if you don’t know her, you know her work: Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, etc) book “Year of Yes” and was really impressed with the way this talented writer reveals her inner most feelings for the world to see.  She displays incredible bravery in revealing her most personal and private thoughts…taking the parts of ourselves (family,  inner fears, future plans) we hold most private for fear of getting hurt and bravely showing the world.  In her book she reveals the six most powerful words her sister told her that changed her life forever…“You Never Say Yes to Anything.”  Listening to her  tell her story reminds me bit about the movie “Yes, Man”, starring Jim Carrey…and a thought hits me like a lighting bolt…there is power to saying yes.  A power that the universe itself places on the word yes and what it represents.

I, like some of you out there, have become an expert at saying no to things that make me uncomfortable.  My excuses are deep and believable but ultimately full of sh%^ whenever I’m afraid to try something new.  Listening to this book had me thinking about all the times I said no to new things, to situations that made me uncomfortable and what could have been.  How many opportunities of doing something great had I missed in the past because I was too afraid to get out of my comfort zone?  I took stock of the words “Shonda” (her words ringing so true I feel like I know her personally) was saying as she spoke of the fear of saying yes to things.  I needed to hear her words today to re-spark my commitment to pursuing greatness.

The universe is not kind to people who say no to opportunities, no matter how brilliant the reason excuse.  When we say no to opportunities presented  to us we find ourselves going down a downward spiral as our souls (unbeknownst to our very educated logic) begin to feel depressed.  You might not feel it but understand your soul cries out for you to live your authentic truth and purpose (the reason we are placed on this earth).  We are given opportunities to fulfill our purpose in life and our only responsibility is to step into our destiny.  Opportunities don’t always come at us in a clear way…sometimes they come disguised as something else.  For example, a few months back I was invited to a party out-of-town and in the middle of the work week.  My first reaction was to say no, but I said yes instead.  While I had a great time at the party, to my surprise I was offered my first public speaking engagement at that party.  If I had said no, I would have never had that great opportunity, it came disguised.  That is the power of yes and the law of the universe at work.

Every time we fail to step from our comfort zone, to take a chance to embrace our purpose, we are denying our own greatness and that is a fate worse than death.

Thinking and typing the previous line, “denying our greatness is a fate worse than death”, struck me deep and led me to start saying believing in the mantra I recently started embracing: F%^& Fear, Shoot Your Shot!  I first begin to informally embrace the mantra back on December 31, 2016 when I made a manifesto (one day I WILL share) that propels me to embrace new things in order for me to reach my goal of becoming the person I was meant to be, #1635.  Since then, I began embracing every opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and as a result 3AM Creatives was born this year.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Listening to this book today has recommitted me to living the mantra! 🙂

Fear can not exist when you truly believe in the power of the universe and your destiny. Fear can not exist when you understand you were built to be great.  Fear has no sting or bite against the power of fulfilling your destiny (aka as your personal legend, see The Alchemist) as determined before you were even born.  Fear is for those that don’t believe in the power of their destiny or are comfortable being content with life.

F%^& Fear, Shoot Your Shot is the total embrace of the belief that you are here for a purpose and nothing can stop you from greatness.  For example, if you have a crush on a friend that you feel is destined to be your wife, fear will not stand in your way and you will find the way to make it happen.  Another example, if you have an ideal body weight or look you are going for….you will be driven with the discipline to rise at 4am to work out before your 6am shift at work.  That last line reminds me to hydrate as I commit to running 5 miles in the morning…to get the body I’m destined to have…I must commit.

You must know who you are to know your destiny…once you discover it…the world better watch out!  My fellow creatives, get up, step out on the ledge and jump into your greatness…F%^& Fear, Shoot Your Shot!

FYI go read or get the audio book “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes!!!! Love this book, her words resonate with all of us and our quest for the power of our own truth!  #yearofyes




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