If you are going to take the Island, burn the freaking fucking boats – Tony Robbins

Take the Island!  The above quote is a metaphor for going ALL IN on a goal!  So many times in life we set ambitious goals in pursuit of our passion but fail to follow through as we allow life to get in the way.   Life in the form of bills, kids, spouses, friends, football, politics, being tired, whatever excuse we can find we use when attaining the goal becomes to hard.  When excuses take over our lives and prevent us from taking our island (crushing our goal) we begin to die inside.  It’s a slow death that takes the form of depression, anger, sadness, addiction, and eventually regret of what could have been.  I’m here to tell you life does not have to be that way…you have the choice to live life to the fullest or start planning your funeral (merely existing)….your choice.

To live life to the fullest, you have to be prepared to take the fucking island.   That means you have to be ready to burn your boats (the safety net and insecurities that keep you from going all in) and go all in to take the Island.  You have to be totally committed and driven to the task at hand.  To take the Island you have to want it more than you want to breathe, it has to mean more to you than life itself, that’s total commitment and drive.

To find the strength and resolve to take the Island, you have to go insular ( be alone and start some brutally honest and deep self-reflection) and embrace who you really are.  When you find out who you truly are, it may scare you, it may scare others around you, but you must embrace your truth.  Once you find YOUR TRUTH, YOUR NORTH STAR, your energy will change accordingly…you will become unstoppable…you will be ready to take the fucking Island at all cost….you will be driven to the point people think you’re obsessed and they will be right!!!

So, how bad do you want the life you always dreamed of?  Do you believe in yourself enough to make the leap of faith in your own abilities?  Only you can answer those questions and decide whether you want to truly live your way or start your planning for your funeral.

@tonyrobbins thanks for inspiring the rest of us to take the freaking Island!

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