To me, allowing others to determine my energy state & mindset is like asking them permission to breathe.

Just wanted to rant, highlight and redirect, about the people I see in some of the Facebook groups I’m involved in that are constantly waking up with negative energy which projects in the form of negative comments…first thing in the morning.  I only see them in some of the groups I’m involved in, because I have learned to un-follow friends or block posts that exude negativity from my own timeline.  I’m still friends with people on my timeline but if over 20% of your posts are negative or in poor taste, I refuse to allow those thoughts to influence my energy flow.  Positive energy and mindset will get you to the top, perpetual optimism is a force multiplier to get shit done,  so you must guard yourself from negatively at all costs.

I’m a huge believer of the Law of Attraction and the principle of like attracts like.  If you are waking up to negative energy its a reflection of whats on your heart and will determine your day.  While we can use many excuses (someone hurt me, I don’t want to be hurt, I hate my job, I hate the people I work with, I’m single, 45, etc) about our negative outlook, the truth is, WE are responsible for our mindset and energy state.  It’s simple, if you allow the negative actions of this world to determine your mindset and energy state you will reflect.  It’s the law of physics…energy excahges…it never goes away…you must redirect the positive over the negative.

While I’m not suggesting negative things won’t happen to you, in fact it’s good to have some things happen to make you stronger in the long run, I’m merely stating you should have a higher level of positive energy built up to block the effects of negative energy.  When you encounter negative things in your life your mindset and energy state will determine how you react.  Does the experience make you bitter and destroy your day? Or does it make you reflect on something else….like your passion.

I have found pursuing my passion has helped me when things seem out of my control…I focus on my vision (mindset)…and at that point the negative things beyond my control seem small.  It’s a simple solution of redirecting my mindset and energy state to something positive while in the midst of negatively.  Try it, it works.
C.J. Guy










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