My fellow Creatives,

I very rarely address the issue of haters but it has occurred to me that some people are still hung up on what others think about them.  The biggest problem most of us have is that we stop chasing our dreams because we are too wrapped up in the opinions of others.  We spend more time online addressing our “haters” and less time actually executing our dreams.  This kind of thinking will, in the long run, prove your doubters/detractors/haters right because eventually you will lose focus of your goals and stop trying.  Haters don’t bother me because I have discovered the secret to dealing with them.  The secret to dealing with haters is to never give them any attention, success comes from keeping  your focus on the dream and not the doubters.


Whatever we give our focus on the most, has power over us.  If we choose to spend our time on social media instead of writing novels, if we chose to binge watch Netflix instead of writing a business plan, or if we pose on IG all day but fail to build a brand we will surrender our dreams to those distractions.  I don’t focus on haters because I refuse to give them power over me, instead I focus on executing my vision.  My vision has power over me and drives everything I do.  Executing my vision has become a time-consuming way of life that leaves me little time for worrying about the opinions of others.

My power comes from my ability to close out the outside noise and focus on my vision…that’s the secret.  When we focus on our goals everything else becomes secondary.  If we are more concerned about haters than we are on executing our own goals than we are prisoners to their will, forever.  Small people, people who are afraid to step out and go for their dreams, will always find a reason to bring you down to their comfort level.  Sometimes they do it under the guise of “helping” you, but be wary of people who wont execute their own dreams but will be quick to give you advice about yours.  Watch their motives.

Truth be told NO ONE in my family has ever read my blog, but that does not stop me from executing my vision.  I don’t consider them haters and while it should bother me, it does not, I simply push forward.  I only get bothered when they attempt to take my focus off my ability to execute my vision, sometimes with good intentions, sometimes with shade.  I share this with you to say this, no one, including your family, will support you when you step outside your comfort zone (which is also their comfort zone) to execute a vision.  Get used to that, the people you admire the most went through the same challenges, its part of the process of being a great visionary.  As someone once said, the bigger the vision, the more people will try to stop you, that’s the way the Matrix (mindset) works.  Those still in the Matrix (mindset), the ones trying to stop you, don’t even understand their own motives.  All they know is that your vision is a (perceived) danger to them. (See my next blog on what the Matrix is)

When your purpose is on a world-changing vision, the challenges will only increase, therefore your focus must be well-developed to execute your vision.

If you don’t remember anything I tell you today, just remember: focus = power.  Give your focus to what matters to you the most.



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