Listening to Sade’s “No ordinary Love” and was inspired to write about a video I saw yesterday that to me to thinking…

How do you want to live your life? Do you want to arrive at the end of your life with period or an exclamation point?  Are you counting the days of your life or are you too busy living the moments?

Far too many of us are living our lives in a less than extraordinary manner as we are stuck in jobs we don’t love, in relationships with people we are not truly excited about, or worried about the opinions of others to the detriment of our own happiness.

I have decided that I no longer want to live my life with a period but instead to live fully and passionately with an exclamation point! When I sever the mortal cord 100 years from now, God Willing, I want the story of my legend to end with an exclamation point (Like he did that shit!). In short, I don’t want ordinary, I want extraordinary,  I want to live out loud.

There are many directions I can go with this article regarding living out loud or living life with an exclamation, today I going to steal 10 minutes of your time to talk about love. I was inspired to write this topic after I heard a viral poem by Rudy Francisco called “To the Girl Who Works At Starbucks”. I was so moved that I had to write about Rudy’s powerful use of poetry and language to attempt to explain the power of love in our lives. So many people are so focused on finding partners to avoid being lonely that they often SETTLE for people who don’t inspire them. Settling for a lover is a sure-fire way to end your life with a period.

Settling for anyone that does not move us to be a better version of ourselves is a colossal  waste of life. When we settle for love we are saying to the universe that we are content with our lives and the we expect ordinary. When we settle we make our lovers an option instead of a priority, it’s an unfair way to live for all parties involved.

When we refuse to accept or settle for lovers that don’t move us, we are telling the universe we will only accept an extraordinary life. We demand the universe provide us lovers that inspire us and we throw caution in the wind to find them. Luckily the universe works on the principle and law of attraction…the universe gives you what we want. A lover that moves you to be better, that excites you, that you make a priority and not an afterthought, someone who makes you want to climb the highest mountain to see them, to take a plane trip just to have dinner with them, a lover that gives you fear, not fear of commitment, but the fear and awe one has for the sun.

This is my call to the universe: MY future lover will be someone…I will be there for (thick and thin), someone who I will never hesitate getting on a plane just to have dinner with them, a partner to travel to Paris or across town to the Kennedy Center with, someone to fight hard with when we are upset but mature enough to make up harder with hugs and kisses, someone to help me fight the world, someone I can always be real and vulnerable with, someone I think of no matter how busy I am, someone willing to be active listeners and communicators even if it means throwing away our phones (hmm that’s tough), someone who is passionate and intense when we make love and gentle when we lay in each others arms, a lover that makes me become intentional about everything I do with them, someone who makes me work my ass off to create our dream life. That’s life with an exclamation point and “No ordinary love”.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if I’m in a relationship that is ordinary (with someone who I settled for) I won’t be inspired to do any of the things I just mentioned…real talk…just being honest with who I am. If I do that, which I won’t, that’s a life with period.

One more time for the universe….my lover WILL inspire me to be greater than I ever could imagine….she will be my exclamation point!



By CJ Guy



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