The emotional comfort in complaining, being pessimistic, and making excuses is very addictive.

Tom Bilyeu

Rating: 0 out of 5.

Once I awoke from the Matrix, going back to sleep or quitting the journey was not an option.

What I did not count on was the power of distraction through comfort. My life got really comfortable and the fire that burned so bright became dim. The dream became a distant whisper.

I got one quarter up the mountain, saw the view, and sat to admire from the ledge.

I could offer excuses, which would make me feel better about my lack of progress, but that lie would/has ate at my soul.

But lately I began to dream again and dream with intensity. I am not happy on this ledge. I can see all the people that laughed at me years ago finally understanding what I was saying about chasing the dream. I was not wrong, I was early.

I’m not happy on the ledge, I’m comfortable, but that comfort is a trap for those of us dreaming bigger.

The dream, once a whisper, is yelling at me now, haunting my dreams, the universe is dropping clues of impending doom if I don’t do what I came to do.

This will not be easy but it will be done.

I must climb this mountain. My destiny awaits.

I am a writer. Future NYT Best Selling Author.

I write stories that change people’s lives.

I’m back. I’m climbing.

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