You ever seen something that spoke to you?

That it instantly gave you a vision that spoke to your future or situation.

This is the gift of an imaginative and a creative mind at work.

When we are in state (the creative process), we notice things that touch our passions, that ignite the smiles in our hearts, that inspire us to be great in our artistry.

When we are in state our minds are in sync with our truest inner power….our creativity.

Embrace this fun side of being a creative.

Today I was watching a motivational speaker describe God as the ultimate creative. Think about it….God was alone. Nothing existed. All was dark.

Yet he did not despair and say woe is me.

He did not complain about the lack of light or resources.

But you know what he did do??

He went on a 6 day creative binge that created the world as we know it and us who dwell in it.

Listening to that speaker, gave me a vision.

A vision of my future.

One day I too will create light from the darkness. That I will birth stars as bright as sun where there was once nothing. That those stars will hear my voice and answer my call. I will speak to them and they will shine bright and true in their purpose.

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