3AM Trinity Chimerical (3TC Life) is born…the story.

The Spark On August 01, 2017 as I stood overlooking the L.A. Skyline I had a moment of absolute silence while my mind was crowded with loud thoughts at the same time.  I had just finished the life changing two-day Worldz 2017 conference and my mind was racing with thoughts of a future without limits;…Read more 3AM Trinity Chimerical (3TC Life) is born…the story.


Monday 3:23am: Watching highlights of that awesome Falcons victory on the TV while simultaneously watching HBO's Insecure  (I know it's a chick show, don't judge me, its a great show) on the computer all the while engaging my fellow creatives of IG.  Ever since I decided  to start this business movement back in April...I have…Read more ALL IN!!!