Giving Attention vs. Being Intentional?

Good Morning and Happy New Year's fellow Creative's, Before you roll your eyes at the thought of reading yet another relationship post, give me five minutes of your time before you ring in the New Year.  This is NOT an article on relationships but more of an article on time.  Your time.  This article was…Read more Giving Attention vs. Being Intentional?

New Podcast Series: Living Outer Limits Mindset

Newest Podcast Series for my fellow Creative's!!! We are serious about disrupting the status quo on human limits and changing everything in the process!!! #3amcreatives #livingouterlimits

The Matrix Mindset

If you follow me, you know I spend a lot of time talking about escaping the Matrix and pursuing one's true purpose, but rarely do I break down what the Matrix-mindset is.  Today I will explain what the Matrix-mindset is and why it is so important to break free of that mindset to realize your…Read more The Matrix Mindset