Evolving @3AM…

I have discovered that Creativity is not only an attribute, it's a mindset, a way of life, the  journey of self discovery and a total understanding of one's insecurities...it's the result of being authentic to self and open to life...its disrupting comfort and saying fuck the rules! -CJ Guy

ALL IN!!! Part II: “Take the Freaking Island!”

If you are going to take the Island, burn the freaking fucking boats - Tony Robbins Take the Island!  The above quote is a metaphor for going ALL IN on a goal!  So many times in life we set ambitious goals in pursuit of our passion but fail to follow through as we allow life to…Read more ALL IN!!! Part II: “Take the Freaking Island!”


Monday 3:23am: Watching highlights of that awesome Falcons victory on the TV while simultaneously watching HBO's Insecure  (I know it's a chick show, don't judge me, its a great show) on the computer all the while engaging my fellow creatives of IG.  Ever since I decided  to start this business movement back in April...I have…Read more ALL IN!!!