Evolving @3AM…

I have discovered that Creativity is not only an attribute, it's a mindset, a way of life, the  journey of self discovery and a total understanding of one's insecurities...it's the result of being authentic to self and open to life...its disrupting comfort and saying fuck the rules! -CJ Guy

ALL IN!!! Part II: “Take the Freaking Island!”

If you are going to take the Island, burn the freaking fucking boats - Tony Robbins Take the Island!  The above quote is a metaphor for going ALL IN on a goal!  So many times in life we set ambitious goals in pursuit of our passion but fail to follow through as we allow life to…Read more ALL IN!!! Part II: “Take the Freaking Island!”


Monday 3:23am: Watching highlights of that awesome Falcons victory on the TV while simultaneously watching HBO's Insecure  (I know it's a chick show, don't judge me, its a great show) on the computer all the while engaging my fellow creatives of IG.  Ever since I decided  to start this business movement back in April...I have…Read more ALL IN!!!

Failure and Rejection: I live for it!!!

Failure is Necessary to be Great - C.J. Guy Conventional wisdom has taught us that failure and rejection are things to be avoided at all cost when striving for success.  But there is another way to look at conventional wisdom and striving for success.  I have learned that the most successful among us have failed…Read more Failure and Rejection: I live for it!!!