3AM Creative’s Straight No Chaser Talk: She’s Gotta Have It…The Real Issue.

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Why “Haters” don’t bother me

My fellow Creatives, I very rarely address the issue of haters but it has occurred to me that some people are still hung up on what others think about them.  The biggest problem most of us have is that we stop chasing our dreams because we are too wrapped up in the opinions of others.…Read more Why “Haters” don’t bother me

3AM Trinity Chimerical (3TC Life) is born…the story.

The Spark On August 01, 2017 as I stood overlooking the L.A. Skyline I had a moment of absolute silence while my mind was crowded with loud thoughts at the same time.  I had just finished the life changing two-day Worldz 2017 conference and my mind was racing with thoughts of a future without limits;…Read more 3AM Trinity Chimerical (3TC Life) is born…the story.