Evolving @3AM…

I have discovered that Creativity is not only an attribute, it's a mindset, a way of life, the  journey of self discovery and a total understanding of one's insecurities...it's the result of being authentic to self and open to life...its disrupting comfort and saying fuck the rules! -CJ Guy

The Matrix Mindset

If you follow me, you know I spend a lot of time talking about escaping the Matrix and pursuing one's true purpose, but rarely do I break down what the Matrix-mindset is.  Today I will explain what the Matrix-mindset is and why it is so important to break free of that mindset to realize your…Read more The Matrix Mindset

Why “Haters” don’t bother me

My fellow Creatives, I very rarely address the issue of haters but it has occurred to me that some people are still hung up on what others think about them.  The biggest problem most of us have is that we stop chasing our dreams because we are too wrapped up in the opinions of others.…Read more Why “Haters” don’t bother me

Growing up Poor is a Competitive Advantage!!!

Growing up in a poor environment is a competitive advantage, stop letting the world tell you that you are destined to be nothing. You are born invincible and destined to win and be great!  Don't let losers talk you out of your purpose, you are the author of your life, the captain of your ship,…Read more Growing up Poor is a Competitive Advantage!!!


Monday 3:23am: Watching highlights of that awesome Falcons victory on the TV while simultaneously watching HBO's Insecure  (I know it's a chick show, don't judge me, its a great show) on the computer all the while engaging my fellow creatives of IG.  Ever since I decided  to start this business movement back in April...I have…Read more ALL IN!!!

Failure and Rejection: I live for it!!!

Failure is Necessary to be Great - C.J. Guy Conventional wisdom has taught us that failure and rejection are things to be avoided at all cost when striving for success.  But there is another way to look at conventional wisdom and striving for success.  I have learned that the most successful among us have failed…Read more Failure and Rejection: I live for it!!!

Living with regret is killing your future…

I was, admittedly, working goofing off on Facebook when I came across this meme.  My first, nay, my only thought was I would choose neither.  When I clicked on the comments section, not to my surprise, most respondents picked the red pill.  What did surprise me was that out of 300 responses almost no one…Read more Living with regret is killing your future…

HBO’s “The Defiant One’s”, and why it matters to YOU!

I recently watched HBO's "The Defiant One's" and without revealing any of the plot, was really impressed and even inspired by the show.  While it was awesome to see and hear music from some of the greatest artist of all times; to see the behind the scenes stories; to reminisce and relive my youth through…Read more HBO’s “The Defiant One’s”, and why it matters to YOU!

The Moment: Finding my Truth and Purpose…

This week's Blog is longer than normal and more personal.  I just got back from LA where I attended the second annual "Worldz" Conference and I'm truly inspired to write to you today.  I was moved by our fellow creatives at the "Worldz" 2017 conference and will revamp this blog to accommodate for my new…Read more The Moment: Finding my Truth and Purpose…