Visualize your goal…


If you visualize success you will eventually have success, if you visualize the fear of failure, you will most certainly fail. – C.J. Guy

Most people will never succeed in life because they have a negative or defeatist mindset based on fear. They are paralyzed by the fear of failure, the fear of embarrassment, and the fear of what others may think.  Most people have dreams but those dreams will never be realized because they fear to take the big plunge.  They only see the risk of failure as a reason to say no, they don’t see it as an opportunity to say yes.  They visualize   the fear of failure, and fail to launch.

To be successful we must change the way we think, we must re-wire our minds to visualize success.  We must regularly visualize our success and aggressively move toward that vision with determination.  Successful people have a certain way of looking at life, they wake up chasing their dreams, they don’t spend much time thinking about failure.  Successful people see any risk of failure as an opportunity to succeed beyond their imagination.  Successful people see failure as temporary and choose to visualize the “set back” as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Visualize your success…even if you have to use props to do it.

In the below clip we hear famous actor and comedian Jim Carrey’s secret to his success…he visualized himself successful even in the midst of failure.

Visualization works!



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