Good afternoon Creatives,

Warning reading this post will cause you to want to chase your dream!

I’m super excited to write to you today.  I’m inspired beyond words and ready to take on any challenges before me.  I feel this way because I just read a powerful book called “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne.  The book speaks about the law of attraction and how it works in our lives.  I brought the book Saturday and read it cover to cover in one day (all 151 pages).  I will not ruin the book for you but I will say four principles stood out to me and have changed my thinking forever.  The principles that resonated with me the most are: 1) Like attracts like 2) Ask, believe, receive 3) Gratitude and 4) Visualization.  These principles of success teach us how to navigate our thoughts and actions to allow our dreams to come true; essentially, allowing the universe to work for us instead of against us.  The book teaches us how our thoughts and imagination are a direct reflection of the successes and failures we experience in our life.  Whatever we dwell on the most will be attracted to our lives.  Read the book to understand more.

To show how well these principles work in real life I will share my personal experience.  When I first started reading this book on Saturday I had a random thought.  I had 200 IG followers but I wanted 300 by the end of the day.  I had no idea how I could make it happen but, according to the book, I was not supposed to know.  As I was reading the book, I was interacting on social media, as I often do when working on my dream, and a strange thing begin to happen, I was gaining followers.  The more I interacted the more followers I gained.  Within 24 hours of applying these principles, I had gained 143 followers and counting.  That’s the most I have ever gained in one day of interaction…I went from 200 followers to 343 and counting.  That’s the law of attraction at work in real life!

Reading this book got me to thinking about another book I read that changed my life a few months ago called “The Alchemist”.  Each of these books teaches us the power of our thoughts and understanding what it takes to be successful.  More to the point, they reveal the secret to getting whatever you want in life, and that is understanding the power of asking the universe for it.  When you see your dream coming true in your mind, the universe will move heaven and earth to help you achieve it.  The law of attraction is real and you can speak your dream into existence!

I highly recommend every Creative read these books and apply the principles to your life…you will find your creativity and success unlimited afterwards…trust me on that!  Don’t worry if people laugh at you, if it takes time, or if those close to you don’t get it.  The universe will reward your efforts!

Today I have something else on my mind I would like to share with you as a result of the last 24 hours.  It’s as if a fog has been lifted off my mind :).  I have found it’s important to have a vision about the dream life you plan to live and place the image in your hand.  Over the last few weeks I have had a vision in my mind but could not understand how to interrupt what I was seeing.  Last week, after years of meditation and self reflection…I finally got it…my vision is focused now.  It feels good, it feels real, and I see my success already!

The two most important days in your life will be when you are born and the day you find out why.  After much self-reflection over the last few years…I have found out my reason for existing!

I have a clear understanding of what I was put on this earth to do.  First, I was put here to inspire greatness in those I come in contact with.  To inspire them and spark their life’s purpose and change the world in the process…hence 3AM Creatives #3amcreatives!  I want will spark the minds that will change this world for the better.  My second reasoning for being is more personal…its become known to me as #1635 (I’ll keep the interpretation to myself).   #1635 is my personal image for how I view the man I was created to be, what I am to accomplish, and how I will change the world.  The vision I have for my life will happen as I shed all doubts and fears…the universe will get out of my way to make it happen.

To prove my point and convince you this works, I want you to watch it happen.  I only have a few followers as of  July 9, 2017 but I will become one of the greatest to ever do it with thousands of followers reading these messages and being inspired to greatness.  I will make many mistakes and fail often on this journey…but when I reach the top you will get it.  I believe in myself, my abilities, my hustle, and the vision….the universe will handle the rest!  I will succeed because I have a rendezvous with destiny!

The law of attraction works and is very real.  My wish for you is to take some time to yourself and develop your vision…see it in your mind and put it in your hand…whatever it is.  It will happen for you as you work towards your dream.  If you are brave enough and ready to truly live the life you always imagined…take the first steps: read “The Alchemist”, read “The Secret”,  AND follow this page. 🙂


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