Monday 3:23am:

Watching highlights of that awesome Falcons victory on the TV while simultaneously watching HBO’s Insecure  (I know it’s a chick show, don’t judge me, its a great show) on the computer all the while engaging my fellow creatives of IG.  Ever since I decided  to start this business movement back in April…I have been in an All In mentality.  As a huge leap of faith in my belief of this movement, I decided to document my journey to the top every step of the way.  I want to show people that everything I preach about (self-awareness, law of attraction, dreaming big etc) is real.  I think the problem with the world is too much cynicism in the belief of our own ability, our own magic.  That’s why I started 3AM Creatives, to spark the creative spirit in all of us to change the world.

Its been an interesting week as I decided and have fully committed to starting my own clothing line.  At first I looked around to find a clothing line that allowed me to fully express the strong feelings I have inside (my authentic and unapologetic self) and was bold enough to express my attitude (aka the growing chip on my shoulder).  Sadly Thankfully, I found nothing that came close.  Then I began researching the market, testing ideas with friends, and consulted my inner circle.  I discovered I was not alone and more people wanted to find the exact thing I was proposing.  What was once a wild idea began to take shape…

I have no experience in fashion and my own dressing habits may be questionable…but I do have an idea…a chip on my shoulder…a drive to succeed…and a passion to for me and others like me to express ourselves!  Now watch me go ALL IN!!!

Whatever your dream, fuck the outside noise, put in the work and go ALL IN!









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